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ESTATE NEWS FROM NL - Volume 23, No. 2 - August 30, 2023
2373 Baywood Avenue
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808

Sept. 8-10, 2023
Fri. 8 am-5 pm, Sat. 8am-5pm & Sun. 9am-4pm

Dear Customers: What happens when the talents of a gifted architect are coupled with the aesthetics of a nature photographer? The result is nothing less than NL's fabulous upcoming sale!

Highlights are as follows:
*ART:OILS by Janice Sachse; Cecil Rochfort D'Oyly; E. Mangum; Clementine Hunter; H. Leung, G. Turner & O.M. Marshall; WATERCOLORS by Janice Sachse; John Korver, Samuel J. Corsu; PRINTS & LITHOS by Robt. Rucker, Sparrow, Eloise Gary & Samuel J. Corsu; BOOKS & MUSIC: Too numerous & varied to list! *CHINA: Lenox "Tuxedo" service for eight plus replacements & Mid Century Franciscan "Pebble Beach" & beautifully designed porcelain tableware from Portugal. *COLLECTIBLES: Newcomb Pottery Vase by Irvine; Tables of Pottery from Europe and the Southwest; Paperweights; Lovely Cards & ready-to-frame Art Photos by Pat Faxon; framing art supplies; table of Flow Blue Lamps, Vases, Plates, and Blue & White items; Opera Sets; Cookbook Sets; antique Copper pieces; *CRYSTAL: Waterford stems & table ware; Barcelona made stems; Decanters by Baccarat, Orrefors, Gorham & Polish made. *FURNITURE: Mid Century Knoll furniture & some designer pieces. *GARAGE: Full of everything! From tools to Sunbrella Patio Set. *JEWELRY: Fine & Fashion jewels from around the world—Italy, Japan, Middle & Far East to include designers Tiffany, John Hardy & Mignon Faget. *KITCHEN: Loads of William Sonoma; white ceramics; hand

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